Entrepreneurs, and small owners are the driving force of today's economy. They are not only responsible for creating breakthroughs in technology, they have created jobs in the United States and abroad. When businesses thrive—the economy thrives.

Our vision is simple …to empower entrepreneurs, and small business owners to grow and prosper in their industry. We are committed to connecting people with top industry leaders for their guidance and expertise through our diverse educational seminars. We specialize in an assortment of services including the following:

  • Help with securing financing
  • Access to legal advice
  • Assistance with marketing and promotion

IBIZEXPO.org is a foundation exclusively for new and emerging enterprises who want to expand their reach, and help their own clients succeed.

How Your Donations Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Your giving will help organize iBizExpo events nationally and internationally; pay for venues, cover speaker fees, pay consultants/professionals to provide complimentary advice and guidance to our members. In addition, your donations may entitle you to a deduction against your income taxes when you itemize deductions. Go here to to a worthy cause today.

" If you're ready...we're ready. Join iBizExpo.org now and let's make it happen. "

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